Alpha Launch

We are very excited to announce that our Founders/Backers alpha testing begins this weekend!

Alpha One

Starting Saturday 4/9/16 supporters of the game will be able to login to our test server and begin exploring a Utherous. Our goal is to keep the server up and running through midnight on Sunday to give people an opportunity to log in and check out the world. During each phase of the alpha tests we will be focusing on testing specific systems, mechanics, and parts of the game. The first testing weekend will focus on the Patcher, Login, Quests and Collection.

Egg Hunt

In order to make the testing more fun we have organized a non-combat Egg hunt! A quest giver at the login area will give users a quest to go hunting for three types of eggs; Dragon, Wyvern, and Golden Eggs. The lucky people who find these eggs, in the wild, will have the potential for great rewards. The Dragon and Wyvern eggs will grant access to an in game mount upon release! For the golden eggs we are doing something special. Every golden egg turned in will result in points that are added to your account, these points will be accrued through all of the alpha and beta tests and will provide rewards for the individual user as well for the guild they belong to upon release. Our team will also be tweeting out /Loc coordinates for the wyvern eggs through the test, so be sure to follow us on on twitter!

Founders can find more info on all of this can be found in our Alpha Forums.

The Road Ahead

While our excitement about finally opening the gates cannot be understated, what we are most looking forward to is being able to share more development content with everyone. Next week we will be posting an alpha road map that will give an outline of the Alpha testing plan as some details about what we are working on currently. We will also have regular video updates and twitch streams as we do our testing. If your interested in getting in early and helping shape the game the founders pack can be found HERE.

A giant thanks for following and supporting us! Looking forward to seeing you in game!

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