Alpha Test: Experience and Skills

With our next Alpha test coming up this weekend, we wanted to take some time to go over one of the features you will get a first look at in this build, the Skill and Experience system.

While you spend time in the in game world, you will notice a number ticking up on the top right of the UI.


This number is the amount of experience your character has earned and can be used to purchase skills. At the moment, for testing reasons, this number will go up rather quickly to allow you to quickly and easily learn the lumber skill. There are many features, which we will discuss later, that will affect the rate at which this number goes up in the final game.

There are two key factors of the experience system in place for this alpha test. The first major one is that purchasing a skill resets the counter, so if you purchase the mining skill first you will have to explore for a bit before you can learn the other skill from the trainer, even if you have 200 points saved up. Also of note is that death will reset this counter. While this shouldn’t be a huge issue, since combat isn’t in yet, we just wanted to make people aware of it in the off chance you have a fight with gravity.

The second part of the system in play are the trainers themselves. We have made them readily available in order to facilitate testing, but this is not how things will work in the final game. While everyone will have access to some basic trainers early on, more advanced trainers will only be found in player cities. Each city will possess unique trainers that only its denizens, and their friends, can use.

We’re looking forward to exploring these features with you in game starting this Saturday, August 6!

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