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Welcome to Utherous!  I’m Snowpelt, and I am going to be your tour guide through the production and release of this game.  I will be bringing you the most up to date information about the game, and trying to get as many interviews with the dev team as I can throughout the process.

A little bit about me: I am an avid gamer and MMO player. I started seriously gaming with Diablo and jumped on the MMO bandwagon with Everquest.  I spent most of my days raiding in Everquest, experimenting with new games as they came out.  Eventually, I ended up playing World of Warcraft as a full time job. I lead a high end Horde guild for years; from grinding fire resist gear for Molten Core, to spending hours wiping on Illidan, Arthas, and many others. Since then I have explored almost every MMO released as well as more traditional RPG’s.

I joined the Utherous team because I miss the days of community and player driven content. The best part of any MMO is the stories and friends that you make while playing.  The world of Utherous allows players to experience everything they want,without all the hand holding and boundaries of the modern MMO. I hope that as we show you more, you will become as excited about this game as I am!

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Rekindle the ancient flame of civilization. Stoke the fires of exploration and domination.
The mighty Utharian empire, controlled by their gods, are powered by fierce armies wielding dark technology and driven by greed. These armies fought to exterminate all forms of magic and sorcery, only to succumb to the unbeatable power of the Red Storm. Now, yours for the taking; all the riches left by the once omnipotent dynasty strewn across the land waiting to be discovered.

Utherous is an MMORPG sandbox on an epic scale where you are the master of your own destiny. It is a place where steam technology and ancient forms magic harmoniously coexist. Utherous is a truly unique fantasy world.

Utherous is a subscription based MMORPG that gives you the freedom to be who you want to be and the power you deserve. Weather you choose to craft, quest, explore, build kingdoms, or make war Utherous gives you the option. You will have access to more than 20 races and the ability to actively combine up to four of 200+ occupations to create a truly unique identity. The adventure makes the hero….Utherous‏.

Core Features
· Story driven Quests as well as Player Driven Content
· Player vs. Player Competitive Gaming
· Crafting System, City Building, and Kingdom Creation
· Over 20 Races and 200+ professions available to create unique characters
· A Unique Fantasy World of Steam Technology and Magic

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