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Fireside Chat- Friday 4/15

Hello everyone and welcome to our first fireside chat. Going forward we are going to be putting up a post each Friday to outline what we have been working on, what’s coming up and anything interesting going on with the team. These posts will vary in size depending on what’s in the pipeline but we will at least get out some info each week!

As most of you know by now the majority of our work, over the past few months, has been going into getting an alpha build ready for players. Our team felt that getting founders in world was the most important part of early development. We want the final world of Utherous to be shaped by player feedback and the sooner that starts rolling in the better. Now that development has progressed to the “IT’S ALIVE” point we should be able to iterate on what we have, and implement new features on a regular basis.

Coming Soon

In addition to stomping bugs, that come up during this test, we are working on getting everything prepared for our next alpha test. Alpha 3 will focus on gathering and collecting resources. Many of the testers in the first alpha noticed how dense the forest was in the starting area, and there is a good reason for that. Every one of those trees can be cut down and harvested for resources!

While we know that gathering resources is not the most exciting activity, we will make it as fun as possible. During the alpha we will be offering multiple quests and rewards for players who participate. As we progress through alpha tests we will be adding and fine tuning many other features like crafting, towns, animals, monsters, and combat.

Thanks for checking in and hope to see you in game this weekend!


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