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To Build a City

Prior to our PAX crunch we had begun working on our first city, and the team got back to building this week. Our vision for our cities is that they will be a safe haven, starting area and initial social hub in world. This post will be a glimpse into our process for Kasteel City.

The first, and arguably most important, step is to decide who is going to live together. Utherous has 24 races all with independent factions, and our initial conversations were about alliances and who would end up where. For the early development it was decided that we would focus on 6 races broken up into two cities, based on alliances. Kasteel City is populated by Humans, Liathdine and Impkins, while its opposing city is composed of natural enemies of these three races.

Once races had been decided upon, the story of these races needed to be ironed out before we could move further. Our writing team started with the history of Kasteel City, its origins and its future. Initially a human village, Kasteel began as a bastion of safety during the Red Storm and evolved out of necessity as survivors flocked to the city. The architecture and design of the city reflects this ‘unplanned’ style of city building. Most of the older building have grown with the city and show very little forethought. In recent history the rulers have begun to reign in this rampant growth and some structure has been imposed upon the city’s denizens.

With the lore in place it’s time for the concept artists to get working. The artists began by interpreting the story sent to them in a visual manner, sketches of the early villages, and how it evolved serve as the base for current day drawings. Once the writers, devs and artists all agree on a style, initial city mocks ups are created and approved. Below are two of the recent Kasteel city drawings.

The next step in the process, and the one we are currently on, is 3D asset generation and then using those assets to build a city. We will have more to show soon as we build!

Early Version
Final Version
Early Version
Final Version
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Post Pax Spotlight

Whew! What a whirlwind it has been, these past few weeks. PAX East was an amazing experience for our team, and the reception you guys and girls gave us was so exciting! While sad that it’s over, we can get back to work and put to use all of the input that we received at the booth…… after a few days sleep that is!

The whole team wants to thank everyone who stopped at our booth. We came into this on Friday feeling confident about the game and the direction, but with some trepidation, since it hadn’t been shown before. The enthusiasm and excitement shown after people had a chance to play the demo and talk to us about the game was amazing and inspiring. We can’t even count the number of people who commented on how beautiful the landscape was, even when it was on fire (we are working on that fireball duration issue!). Everything we heard from our fans confirmed that an open development process and community input is the direction to go in.

As a result of our booth conversations at PAX the following have been added to our plans going forward:

Open Alpha Weekends: While our supporters will be getting full access to every alpha, we will be doing select weekends where we will invite some members on our mailing list to join in and give input.

Google Hangouts: We will be hosting regular google hangouts for supporters to get more direct input, answer questions, and talk about the game.

Once again our whole team would like to thank EVERYONE for taking the time to talk about and provide input on our game.Your gaming time is precious, and it’s a privilege you have chosen to help our game grow into something people will love.

If the nuts and bolts interest you, we will have a more complete PAX post-mortem from our project lead next week.

P.S.. Don’t forget to check out the BMCO stream Thursday from 8-10 EST:

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Dev Post 3/5

Our PAX demo build landed in Boston this morning and we are now in the process of setting up our booth. Needless to say it’s been a crazy week for Team Utherous! Oh.. and if you hadn’t heard we got Greelight this week.
The Art Team

  • – Built Huts
  • – Pushed art assets into world
  • – Soooo many tree’s
  • – Animation Mapping
  • – Created several blueprints (see below)
  • – Broke the UI, then fixed the UI. Then broke the UI

Programming Team

  • – Worked on MOB spawning
  • – Slept for 2 hours… all week
  • – Made collision.. collide
  • – Worked on swimmers floating

Writing Team

  • – Implemented quest dialogue
  • – Cleaned up in game dialogue
  • – Started City Lore
  • – Wrote in several underhanded jokes about Art team

That’s all we have for now but we should have several posts from PAX this weekend!
Also check out BMCO’s latest post and the updates they are doing

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Weekly Dev Post 2/26

As you may have heard, we are going to PAX EAST! We are all excited to be showing the game and looking forward to the feedback from all of you. Since getting the booth, all of our teams have been working to get the demo build up and running. Here are some of the highlights.

The Art Team

  • – Improved and fine tuned armor models
  • – Created multiple weapons
  • – Created several tools associated with farming
  • – Worked on character animations
  • – Created several blueprints (see below)
  • – Improved General UI


Blue Prints
blueprints_farmer blueprints_guard

Programming Team

  • – Structured demo
  • – Did complicated math trying to determine resists
  • – Worked on structure building
  • – Inventory system progression
  • – Had several ‘civil’ discussions with writing team
  • – Improved General UI

Writing Team

  • – Created farmer dialogue
  • – Created enemy dialogue
  • – Flushed out lore for starting demo race
  • – Wrote in several underhanded jokes about programming team
  • – Created demo quest dialgue
  • – Created more skill descriptions
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