Crafting And The Player Experience

blurb_1_sketchmini After several weeks of us focusing on crafting stations, designs, and concepts, you are probably wondering why this is all important to you, the player. The answer to this is a bit long winded, and we will go into detail below, but it boils down to one of the core pillars of our game: that players shape the world.

In a standard MMO, the player experience is a repetitive treadmill of: kill monster, get weapon, kill bigger monster, get better weapon, etc. The same applies for armor and most of the gear that you acquire as you level and play the game. Gathering and Crafting skills tend to be regarded as something to do “after the grind” or when you hit “max level”.

In Utherous, these skills will be an integral part of the experience from the very beginning of your time in-world. At the start, players will enter the world with the very basics they need for survival: a weapon, some rag-tag clothing, and some food. While hunting monsters will be a rewarding experience, the majority of creatures will drop crafting materials and not complete pieces of gear. These materials can then be traded to a crafter or sold for profit. However, all of the player’s gear will have a limited durability, so you will quickly find yourself in a situation where you need to re-outfit, and that will take you to other players.

The game systems within Utherous allow for players to completely forgo combat, and focus entirely on crafting or gathering skills, if they choose. Since the most significant factor for leveling and learning skills is time, these players will be the ones who will be outfitting the early adventurers. The systems are also set up to rely on each other, and encourage a community that can grow into a town or even a city. The most efficient communities early on will be those that accommodate specialists.

Let’s take a blacksmith, as a simple example of this: While the blacksmith could level up both mining and smithing, trying to maintain both skills and meet demand for weapons and armor would difficult. The best bet for the blacksmith to be successful, is to make friends with someone who has taken up Mining, trade upgrades and gear to that person for Ore, and then use the remaining Ore to create gear to sell for a profit.

We fully expect that as a community grows into a city the majority of people are going to be moving on to more advanced forms of crafting, gathering and adventuring. The FORCES system can be used in these cases to help augment your supply chains, and keep the lesser resources flowing. As your miner friends advance and begin gathering more difficult to find iron ore, you can send out your NPC forces to gather brithil, a tier one ore.

Our goal is to create a living, thriving economy within the world. Adventurers need gear from crafters, crafters need supplies from other crafters and from gatherers, gatherers will need protection from adventurers to get to rare resources, etc. Everyone has a place in the wheel and together they are helping to rebuild a broken world.

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