Developer Blog – October #1

Developer Blog – October #1

Team Utherous continues to push towards the first crafting and combat test. A lot of technical work needs to take place before we can move into the testing phase, but we’re well on our way. Some personnel needed some shifting around, but nothing out of anyone’s comfort zone. All the teams are working to get where we need to be for this event, so keep checking back as we’ll have some announcements soon. In the meantime, enjoy a little peak behind the kimono in regards to what we’re doing to get ourselves one step closer to crowdfunding.

We’ve acquired a new programmer to help us out with… well… lots of things, but most immediately, getting weapons in hand so they aren’t just waving around some random area of the game world chopping up skyboxes or something ridiculous. We’re also re-purposing part of our character asset creation pipeline to get in some last minute (non-character) assets. Statistics on the weapons and shields are still be ironed out (and will undoubtedly be adjusted in the future). Animations are being reworked on a newly modified rig to fix some issues experienced with the previous version. Crafting stations need to be laid down on a yet to be chosen terrain patch and the behind-the-scenes crafting ‘tables’ need to be configured as well. Oh… and we just need a couple icons for the animal loot drops… no problem, we got this.

For this test we won’t be exploring the full depth of the Utherous crafting system, but the foundation for the code to make sure it works at a fundamental level. As such, we’ll likely be having players collecting junk from the mobs they defeat, exchanging that for gold, and buying the final components needed for crafting weapons and shields. Then they’ll be able to head to the crafting stations and assemble the weapons and shields. As Utherous is aimed squarely at a hardcore sandbox MMO audience, the final game will require many more intermediary steps for the crafting process because, as everyone knows, crafting is god’s work!

One of the hardest parts of creating an MMO, and a reason why people say an independently made MMO is very difficult to do, is that getting the tech together to sustain a large landmass and player base is very difficult to do. We’re pretty confident that we have that part under control at this point. We’re looking at implementing some pretty big bullet point features for the next few months, so stay tuned. I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited to see Utherous start to come together.

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