The Factions



Utherous has a diverse and unique faction system that will drive your game play experience. As in life, every action you take within the world will have a direct impact on how you are regarded by others. The major faction types are City, Racial, Species, and Guild.

City Factions


Each starting city in Utherous has three races that live within it. As a new player, you will begin in your home city and have alliances with other factions. Interactions with these factions will directly impact how you are treated when approaching another city. Some cities may tolerate your presence, embrace you, or try to kill you the moment you come close. Though you start with allegiances and birth ties, you can change these as you play the game.

Racial Factions


While city factions will dominate most of your early interactions, racial factions will impact you throughout your character’s life. While Utherous is a world at war, you will want to pick your enemies and your allies wisely. Killing a player or an NPC who is of one race will directly impact your faction with all NPCs of that race. This can have direct consequences on where you can travel and who you can interact with! Live by the sword, die by the sword.

NPC Factions


In the dynamic world of Utherous even the NPCs interact based on the faction systems. Sheep will live a docile life in the wild until wolves attack them! Wolves will grow stronger and dominate an area until Ogres move in and establish a town. The Ogres can live a happy life, in control of vast lands, until a dragon moves in and claims the area! All of these events happen without any player interaction. Every time you visit an area, the faction dominating the food chain could be completely different.

Guild Factions


The forces you choose to align with will have a huge impact on your time in Utherous. The more you contribute to your guild, the greater your impact on the world. Increase your faction and gain access to improved equipment, transportation, and even siege weapons. The greatest rewards go only to the most loyal, who will be raised to nobility and given the control over lands and forces! Will you rule or be ruled? The choice is yours!