Fireside Chat- Friday 4/22

Welcome back! This past week we have been focused on wrapping up Alphas 1&2 and moving on to Alpha 3.

Alpha 3

As mentioned last week Alpha 3 will be focused on gathering and resource collection. The land of Utherous has much to offer for those willing to explore in their search for materials. There is a wide variety of tree’s and mineral nodes that can be found depending on your location in the world. These nodes will provide valuable resources for our crafting system, which we will be talking about soon. Below is a sample of some of the gathering nodes.

Wood Harvesting

alaskan ceder
white birch
white oak


raw gem

Coming Soon

While the majority of our focus is on the next stage of alpha testing, we are also continuing to build for the future. Many more weapons are being concepted and modeled, and we will share some of those with you in our next weaponsmith feature. We are also working on getting some much needed clothing and armor onto our characters, it’s a harsh world to be exploring in your underoos! The UI is also being built for the crafting system , so you have something to do with all those resources.

As always, thanks for following. We love your feedback so if there are any features you have enjoyed in the past and would like to see again let us know!

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