Fireside Chat – Friday 4/29

Hello again and welcome to this week’s chat!

Alpha 3

We have a couple of updates on Alpha 3 to share with everyone. First off , the resource gathering has moved to internal testing, so if everything goes well we should have some alpha dates out very soon. Over the next couple weeks we will also be doing our first Alpha key giveaways! Going forward we will be doing a give away prior to some alpha weekends,so if you have been itching to get in, but don’t have the funds to kick in quite yet, and try out what we have keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win a free Alpha account.


If you loved our WeaponSmith (Rider’s Axe , Slayer Sword) posts in the past, you will want to keep an eye on our Facebook page. Each week we will be featuring one weapon and showing aspects of the development process from concept to in game model.

Crafting Stations

In addition to weapons we have been getting the crafting stations ready for Alpha 4. Below you can see an example of a couple that have already been completed.

Carpentry Bench

Carpentry bench

Mill Saw

mill saw

Tanning Barrel


Coming Soon

In the upcoming week our team has a lot on the table. The art team will be working on more crafting stations and weapons to show off, while our code team will start testing for mob and animal spawning.The sound team is also working on more background music and sound effects, which we will have some samples of in our next post.

The world will soon be a much busier place. As always, thanks for following!

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