Fireside Chat – Friday 5/6

This week we have more updates on Alpha 3, sound effects and, more crafting stations.

Alpha 3

The server went up last weekend for internal testing and, as it happens with game development, we ran into a few bugs with the gathering system. The code team has been combing over their work and we are hoping those bugs are all squashed. The newest build is ready and the dev team will be testing again this weekend, to get everything ready for our next public event.

Sound Effects

As we all know, sound effects make a huge difference in a game. A bear attack without a roar, or cutting a tree down without chopping sounds can ruin your immersion. As we develop each animal, weapon, and skill, sounds need to be created to accompany them. Below is a quick sample of just a few of the ones we have already created.

Bear Attacks

Bear Death

Axe Chopping

Crafting Stations

Another batch of crafting stations has been completed and is ready to go in game. The Forge and Crucible will be used to convert your metal ingots to weapons. The Gearsmith Bench takes your refined metals and uses them to create more ‘steam punk’ oriented components like wire and tubing. The last image is my personal favorite and that’s The Still, this will be used to brew delicious concoctions to drink alone or share with friends!

Forge and Crucible

forge and crucible

Gearsmith Bench




Coming Soon

In our next update we will be taking a deeper look at some of the crafting systems, as well as digging into the current character creation options in the alpha build.

Thanks for checking in this week and remember to be good to your mothers!

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