1. Why should I play Utherous?
Utherous offers a vast world with unique mechanics and unparalleled player customization possibilities.

2. What type of game is Utherous?
Utherous is a sandbox style, first or third person, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

3. How do you pronounce Utherous?
uther-us (OO th er , ous)

4. What type of Payment/ Subscription is required for Utherous?
Utherous will operate on a monthly paid subscription of around $15. It will also be included in the Bionic Steam Bundle Subscription.

5. What Races are available to play in Utherous?
The land of Utherous has over 20 races. Head over to our race bio page to see them all.

6. What type of skills are in Utherous?
Utherous uses a complex skill system to create unique builds custom to one’s own play style.

7. How many character slots do I get per account on Utherous?
A standard account will come with one character slot. Extra character slots will be available for purchase individually and/or with special funding packages available here. The maximum amount of character slots will be 4 per account.

8. If I want to play with friends will we have limits on race classes that can work together?

There will not be any hard restrictions on races that can work together, but the world’s NPCs will react differently to different classes. As such, some races may have an easier time cooperating at the outset. That said, there will be ways to gain favor with any race, either directly, or via a proxy, enabling friends of drastically different alignments to align their respect across the various races.

9. How will factions work in Utherous?

Factions work on a sliding scale ranging from “Ally” to “Enemy”. Faction points will be earned or lost through doing favors or attacking players of different alignments.

10. How do skills work in Utherous?

Utherous uses a robust skill system with branching skill trees. Players will acquire experience points over time(even when offline), which they can spend on any skills available to them.  Skills further down the skill tree will become available for purchase when the prerequisite skills are attained.

11. What happens when you die in Utherous?

You will lose all unspent skill points. All carried inventory will stay on your corpse for 24 hours before it decays. You will respawn at the shard you are bound to.

12. Can you play Utherous offline?


13. What type of inventory limit will there be, meaning will it be limited by weight or by number of items?

Inventory on character will be bound to slots. So, generally there will be a clear number limit, with some smaller item being able to be stacked (i.e. you can carry 100 rocks or arrows in a slot).

14. What type of weapons can I expect to see in Utherous?

Utherous is a world of magic and steam. It will consist of weapons from the fantasy genre (i.e. swords and staffs), as well as many steampunk inspired weapons.

15. Is there resource gathering in Utherous? If so, what kinds are there?
Yes. Resource gathering will be a large component of Utherous. From herbs to ore, resources will be an invaluable commodity for trade, creation and construction. Delegating resource gathering to NPCs will also be possible.

16. Is Utherous made up of zones or is it a seamless world?

While we are hesitant to reveal too much about our revolutionary world technology, both models apply to our world simultaneously.

17. Is there PVP in Utherous ? If so, how is it regulated?

Yes, PvP will exist in Utherous. It will be regulated based on faction rep. If you kill many of one type of race, guild member, etc. that group will attack you on-sight.

18. Is player housing persistent when you are logged out of the game and are they vulnerable to attack while you are offline?

Absolutely. Defending one’s property will be a large component of the game. Using NPCs to guard your city will be essential and there will be warnings and time barriers before enemies can attempt to take over your property.

19. Are there any safe zones in Utherous where you cannot attack or be attacked?

No. Players and NPCs are attackable at all times.

20. What is the level range of Utherous?

Leveling is not conventional in that player’s job progression and rare item accumulation is the primary method of gaining power.

21. How does player to player trading work in game?

Trading will work via trade windows when in close proximity to a player. Players can use common monetary units or barter system to trade items.

22. If you help someone with a quest they have already started will you be able to receive credit for that same quest?

Questing in Utherous is unlike a conventional MMO. That said, you will be able to jump in, help friends and gain rewards wherever they may be..

23. Will Utherous require food and water to be consumed in game?

Yes. Not only that, but players will need to feed and keep their hirelings (NPC mobs).

24. Are there ways to modify your character’s movement speed?

Yes. Utherous will feature mounts, boats, airships, and even gear that will augment your speed. Oh yeah, and there are dragons!

25. Is there any forms of fast travel in Utherous?

There will be a few skill sets that will provide the ability for players to travel between continents.

26. What is required to start a guild in Utherous?

A Kingdom Charter purchased from a lord of the land will grant players a guild to invite their friend to and a city seed to start a new with.

27. What are the size limits for groups and guilds?

There can be up to 100 citizens in a guild. For every 10 citizens there can be one noble who can controls smaller regions of the city. Every guild will have one ruler who has ultimate decision-making ability over the guild.

28. Are there mounts or vehicles available in Utherous?

Yes. Utherous will feature mounts, boats and airships.

29. Will you be able to hire or earn henchmen?

Yes. NPC hirelings are a huge facet of Utherous. Cities will rise and fall based on player’s ability to keep and manage their NPC hirelings.

30. Are pets available in Utherous? If so, will they have a use or exist just for role-play?

Yes there will be pets in Utherous. They will have purposes outside of role-play too. Hunting dogs, for instance, will have a tracking skill to better detect threats around the player.