Artist’s Corner #1

Welcome back to the site! Last week we kicked off our Tuesday features with the Writer’s Campfire. This week we introduce our second feature type: Artist’s Corner. During this feature we will focus on the more artistic side of Utherous’s development, animations, models, and even music. To start off I spent some time with Eyal Zilberman, project lead for Utherous. We talked about his love of gaming, why he got into game development, and why he joined the Utherous team. He also had a big announcement for everyone interested in the game!

Tell me a little about your background?

Eyal: Kind of went through the motions in college. Got a BA in Political Science for some ungodly reason. I went to school for 3D Art about 5 years later to pursue a career in game development, worked a couple of projects and here I am.

What game inspired you to do what you’re doing?

Eyal: I’ve been playing games STEADILY for almost 3 decades (damn, I’m getting old!). I was hooked early on with games like Super Mario Bros., Metroid and Contra and never really let off the gas. I used to bum around the arcades after school and camp playing games like Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Spy Hunter… really anything and everything was fair game for me. Rampage was a great game to blow of steam with after a heartbreaking defeat to any dirty player using Eddy in Tekken (kind of different eras of gaming, but they all coexisted at the arcades).

I did get around to some great PC games here and there growing up at school and at friends’ houses, but didn’t own a good rig until after college. I used to love Diablo and Half-Life. Doom, Wolfenstein and SimCity are great highlights in my memory. I could go on all day waxing about games I love, but the truth is there isn’t really any one, or even a handful of games that led me to this position. I simply love, and always have loved video games and rather than settle for a job that I was moderately interested in, I decided to pursue my passion and it seems to be working out okay. Luckily I have an amazing wife and family that support me in whatever I do. That helps a lot.

What made you interested in working on Utherous?

Base Cleric Robes

Eyal: Utherous is a very exciting game with a ton of promise. When Thomas (CEO) approached me about the project it was a no-brainer. He’s a great colleague and mentor and I think our work styles and skillsets are very complimentary to one another. The opportunity to work on this game was extraordinarily exciting for me because, while Utherous is a bonafide indie project, we are working with some amazing tech that I think is really going to surprise people when they hear that a game with such scope and content could come from such a small team.

I hear you have some exciting news about Utherous?

Eyal: Indeed. As of just a few weeks ago, Utherous is going to share a booth with my alma mater at PAX East this March. We’ll be in booth 10229 with a playable demo of the game. I can’t wait to share this world with our fans.

What are we likely to see at the booth?

Eyal: We’re aiming to give you guys a slice of gameplay that shows off what really sets Utherous apart from other MMOs out there. We’re looking to show off combat, NPC deployment systems, and some of the city building mechanics that we already have in place for the game. I’m very interested to hear the feedback and reactions to what we have in store for PAX goers this year.

And the booth number?

Eyal: I said 10229 before and I’ll stick with that until someone yells at me otherwise..

Any meetup scheduled for people interested in the game?

Eyal: We’re gonna be there all three days of the show and visitors are encouraged to come see us whenever they get a chance. We don’t currently have a meetup scheduled outside of the show itself, but I’m open to invitations. You’re not coming to my house 😉

I know you’re busy with Utherous, but what are you playing in your free time?

Eyal: Don’t tell Thomas, but I’m still grinding my 3rd character in Destiny. I’m trying to polish up Shadow of Mordor as well. Damn those kill animations are satisfying in that game! Been picking up a little Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Papers Please and Rogue Legacy as well when I get the chance. But yeah… totally… always… working. Oh, and Dark Souls 2.

Any final thoughts?

Eyal: We’re still a long ways out from shipping this bad boy, but this PAX showing will be a very exciting step for the Utherous team. We’ll be updating the site steadily until PAX and look to this event to be the catalyst for a lot of momentum going forward. Can’t wait to see everyone in Boston!

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Weekly Dev Posts 2/21

The Utherous team has been burning the midnight oil this week!

Before we get started, a scheduling update: Dev posts will be out on Thursdays going forward, additionally we will be doing a feature spotlight on Tuesdays. These spotlights will vary but you can expect to see interviews, mechanics deep dives and lots of juicy game info. If there is anything else you would like to see, feel free to reach out to me!

The Art Team
The focus this week was on more armor to protect your hero! The detail in this studded leather armor speaks for itself

Studded Leather Armor
Studded Leather_Boots Studded Leather_Chest
Studded Leather_Arm Studded Leather_ShoulderGuard
Studded Leather_Pants

Programming Team
The coding team has been primarily working on improving world stability and testing instancing. The back bone of the skill system is also being put in place.
Writing Team
The writers are flushing out our lore for the first city we are building! As a result, the amount of lore we have on humans has tripled since last week and the human page on the website will be getting a revamp. They are also working on some NPC dialog we hope you find very ‘Pun’-ny!

Stay tuned for our interview on Tuesday where we have some big news coming!

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Writer’s Campfire #1

I got a chance to spend some time with one of our writers on the team, Mike Geno.  Mike was eager to talk about some of the work that he has done this week on Utherous.



Hey Mike, tell me about what you do on the Utherous team and what you have done in the past?

Mike:  I am one of the primary writers working on the game. I have worked on several games in the past and have a lot of experience in the world of MMORPGs

So you told me earlier that you guys have been busy this week.  What have you been up to?

Mike:  We have been doing a lot of exciting things this week!  We started fleshing out the racial and faction background lore.  This will be a huge incentive for players to be invested in their characters in the long run.

How does the Utherous factions system differ from other games?

Mike:  Well, it’s more advanced than other games to start.  There are no forced alliances and the factions are not black and white. You will have everything from strong allies, to begrudging enemies. There is more grey area than most games, and the player will be fully in control of these relationships.

I heard there was change in the world cities recently?

Mike: We decided to go with a faction city system to improve the immersion for players.  This will allow you to easier group with friends, as well as provide you with a more interesting starting place. We had debated the merits of Faction Cities vs. Race Cities and we think most players will find faction cities to be a more enjoyable experience in the long run.

Faction cities? I thought you just said players wouldn’t be forced to factions?

Mike: Well, every faction starts with natural allies, and this is how the starting cities work.  Your closest allies will be in the city with you. There is nothing stopping you as the player from going to join another city, or becoming friends with another faction.  It will require you be dedicated to their cause though… and you may not be welcome at home after!

So are these just a starting base or will they be tied into the world?

Mike:  Each city will be a part of the world, there are certain things that require you to visit these cities and the design will reflect the races that call it home. You will want to spend time here other than when you’re just starting the game.

The writing team is also working on the skill system currently.  Can you tell me more about this?

Mike: Well, we are super early in this part so I can’t get into specifics but I can say there are a TON of skills. I will probably be writing these for the next few weeks! From Sword-wielding to Pyromancy and all the way to Taxidermy, you will be able to take skills to build nearly any character you can think of.

That sounds fun, and a little daunting!  Anything else you want to tell us about before you get back to work?

Mike:   Well, we are working on a lot right now and more information will be coming soon, but one of the other major projects is NPC dialogue and the world resources.  Our crafting system is going to be very robust and we have a HUGE list of resources that players will be able to gather that will have a big impact on the items created.


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Stay a while and listen…

Welcome to Utherous!  I’m Snowpelt, and I am going to be your tour guide through the production and release of this game.  I will be bringing you the most up to date information about the game, and trying to get as many interviews with the dev team as I can throughout the process.

A little bit about me: I am an avid gamer and MMO player. I started seriously gaming with Diablo and jumped on the MMO bandwagon with Everquest.  I spent most of my days raiding in Everquest, experimenting with new games as they came out.  Eventually, I ended up playing World of Warcraft as a full time job. I lead a high end Horde guild for years; from grinding fire resist gear for Molten Core, to spending hours wiping on Illidan, Arthas, and many others. Since then I have explored almost every MMO released as well as more traditional RPG’s.

I joined the Utherous team because I miss the days of community and player driven content. The best part of any MMO is the stories and friends that you make while playing.  The world of Utherous allows players to experience everything they want,without all the hand holding and boundaries of the modern MMO. I hope that as we show you more, you will become as excited about this game as I am!

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