Twitch Stream Debut!

Join the devs this Friday February 6, from 6-8 PST for the debut stream of our exciting new MMO, Utherous! We’ll be broadcasting live on Twitch and fielding as many questions as possible. We are in the early stages development, firmly in pre-alpha, but all too eager to show the world what we’ve been working so hard on and to get your feedback on how we should navigate the long road ahead.

We’ll be showing off a small portion of our expansive game world, any and all features we are able to cram into our Atavism-based engine this week, and perhaps most importantly, giving away a few precious keys for our planned closed alpha later this year. See you there!

Visit our Twitch Channel:

… also be sure to check out our Steam Greenlight bundle with our friends over at Space Dwarves Entertainment:

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Weekly Dev Post – 1/30

This week Team Utherous has been hard at work on all things video game creation.  Here’s a breakdown of what some of our teams have been up to.
Art Team – The art  team has been working hard at making some of the clothing and armor for the hirelings, as well as some wares and decorations for the interior locations of Utherous.



Here’s a look at a villager hood that a farmer might wear.



A pair of common boots for taking on whatever the day may bring.


Plate Mail_Helmet

This plate mail helmet will surely protect your guard’s head from anything… right?



A fireplace to warm your weary bones after a hard day of adventuring.



Even the most seasoned wizard will need to brush up on her spells from time to time.  Pick up a book!
Programming Team – Our crack coders have been working their mojo on making a kick-ass character creation screen so we can get you in the game as soon as possible with a shiny new, fully customized hero!  You’re welcome.
Writing Team – The writers are pouring over their source material, reading and rereading their notes to fine tune the balancing of the various races and how they will stack up against one another.  This should make for some healthy competition indeed.

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Bionic Steam Bundle

Steam Page




The Bionic Steam Bundle includes two great games for the price of one: Bionic Marine Command Online, and Utherous. Bionic Marine Command Online and Utherous are both open world RPGs that invite creativity and community through unique gameplay mechanics in tried and true genres. We’re funding the development of our games entirely through the donations of loyal players like yourselves, so please consider checking out our games’ websites for more information on the game as well as how to donate to the development process to gain exclusive access and rewards.

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The Fall of Utheria

The Utherian Emperor Melek doomed Utherous eons before the Red Storm.
Melek was the latest in a long line of Emperors of Utheria.
The Utherin were a race of conquerors who had expanded their empire and
absorbed other races into it as they warred and conquered. Under
the rule of Uther trade flourished and civilization expanded. Still
there were other lands that were not under the sway of the Utherin; some
were too distant, others were trade partners and still others were rivals.
Emperor Melek changed all that upon his coronation. Melek, who became
Melek the Divine to some or Melek the Mad to others, declared his own
divinity. The God-Emperor outlawed the worship of the old gods as
heresy; Melek ordered the Temples razed and priests put to death.

The rest of Utherous saw this and did nothing. What the Emperors or
God-Emperors of Utheria did within the Empire was no concern of theirs.
Centuries later, after sending missionaries to proselytize the faith of Melek
to the other races and nations of Utherous, the current reincarnation of the
God-Emperor grew impatient for the enlightenment of the lesser peoples
of Utherous. The God-Emperor unleashed his legions, terrible war
machines, and twisted magics of Utheria upon the neighboring nations and
races. Those neighbors quickly succumbed to the might and madness of
Utheria. A cycle began that would be repeated throughout the world.
Razed temples and the burning bodies of the priests were the monuments
left by the Legions of Utheria.

The Rise of the God-Emperor

This horrific holy war of arrogance and slaughter continued unabated for
centuries. The technomancy of the Empire was as supreme and absolute as
the madness of its God-Emperor. Some nations or peoples would make a
stand or even push Utheria back some, only to eventually succumb to the
seemingly inexhaustible might of the empire. As more and more races and
people who worshiped the true gods perished the gods themselves began to
wither. Without intending the God-Emperor was slaying the gods

The free races saw their doom in the legions, flying fortresses,
crawling war machines, and dark magics of Utheria. The remaining free
races and nations at last put aside their differences and stood
together. On a dull grey morning, on an unremarkable field near a small
village called Ichevat the fate of the old world…the old way would be
decided. War machines so horrific that they defied reason belched fire
from the skies as magic unleashed by both sides tore apart the earth.
The thunder of cannon could be heard hundreds of leagues away. Poets wax
about the valiant struggle of heroes that day, but what occurred there
was not a battle.  It was a slaughter.  Too long had the races and
nations stood idle while Utheria grew strong.  At the end of the day
the last remnants of resistance to the God-Emperor lay broken. The few
survivors fled back to their homelands to warn that death was coming.

The Red Storm

A time of darkness, death, and terror descended on Utherous. Unopposed,
the armies of the God-Emperor carried his scripture of death from
village to village and nation to nation. Remembering the opposition at
Ichevat, the God-Emperor decreed all peoples beyond Utheria heretics and
unbelievers.  There was only one punishment for such a crime…death.
Whole nations became charnel houses of slaughter and were left as
graveyards. All the while the gods looked on in dismay as they withered

In their final act, the remaining and eldest gods of Utherous sacrificed
themselves. They used their very essence as a weapon to scour the world
clean of the God-Emperor and his followers. The skies darkened and
turned a blood-red color that morning.  Fire began to spill from the
heavens, the seas began to boil, and the earth began to heave and split.
Even in their withered state, the destruction that occurred in one day
was enough to extinguish civilization from Utherous. That was one
day….the Red Storm lasted for nearly forty years. The devastation
diminished slightly day after day, and like all storms its rage lessened
until it was finally spent. Falling from the skies on the world were
shards of crystalline power; the blood of the gods themselves. Some were
great in size, some slight, but all pulsed with power. Myths and legends
speak of those God Shards granting immortality or even god like powers
to some, but these were myths whispered by madmen howling at the
blood-red skies of Utherous.

The Rebirth

When the storm had passed, so had the gods, and nothing remained of
their world.  A new Utherous was born in the Red Storm. The lands
forever changed and entire races were transformed by the power of the
god shards. The survivors of the Red Storm were left in a shattered
world. The survivors forgot the powerful magics that could raise islands
into the sky and the steam technology that powered flying dreadnoughts.
The daily fight for survival in this harsh new world was all that
mattered. Weeks of struggle became years, years become decades, and
decades became centuries. The history of Utherous passed into legend and
then myth.

It was centuries after the ending of the Red Storm before anything that
could be called a town emerged upon the face of Utherous. The Humans,
once an afterthought in the power struggles between the Athadine and the
Utherin, were now taking the first steps towards civilization in this
new world. The Ardine clove to the remnants of their high holds, the
Dvargar sought refuge in the mountains, and the Ork roamed freely across
the plains looting and burning as they went. The Utherin, to their
credit and the dread of others, survived. However their empire was gone
as were their servants. All that remained was the memory of their God of
Slaughter. Some walked away to forge a new path. Others strained to hear
the memory of the old blood.

This is the world you have entered…rekindle the ancient flame of
civilization or stoke the fires of exploration and domination. The
choice is yours, the adventure is yours….

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