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Skill Check Games
Based in Tacoma WA

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Tacoma, WA

Utherous is a sandbox MMORPG that incorporates RTS building and NPC systems. Inspired by the high fantasy of Dungeons & Dragons™, with a touch of steam technology, Utherous offers a vast world for you and your friends to explore.

From a robust skill system offering a nearly endless path for development, to character creation where every facet from height to gender is spectrum based, Utherous allows players to have a uniquely personal experience.

Core Features

    Story driven Quests
    Player Driven Content
    Player vs. Player Competitive Gaming
    Interactive Crafting System
    Resource based Kingdom Creation
    NPC Employment/Deployment System
    Over 20 races to choose from
    200+ Skills available to create truly diverse characters
    Unique Fantasy World of Magic and Steam Technology
    Vast and fully traversable world
    Day/Night system
    Player Guilds
    Player housing
    Individualized Character Identity

Core Principles of Utherous

Community Driven: Player driven economy, politics, and content. Deeply integrated and robust skill system, with conventional barter-trade system.

Player Focused Development: Players will be the focal point during our development process. We are taking a reciprocal approach to our community; where ideas are shared back and forth through our community representatives and members.

Crowd Funded: Game funding will be rewarded with in-game assets and perks based on contribution level

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Selected Articles

    “All players to be able to find a character they were comfortable playing that represented something of themselves in the game..”
    Jean Prior,

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Utherous Credits Contact
Thomas Timothy

Eyal Zilberman
Project Lead

Devin Kleinschmit
Lead Writer

Robert Collins
Marketing and Media Manager