Weapon Smith#2

This week we take another look at our weapon making process, focusing on the Rider’s Axe.

Rider’s Axe

As a tier 2 weapon this axe begins to show some of the influences of advanced crafting components, represented by the steam parts.


Pictured is the concept art for the Rider’s Axe. The traditional one-handed axe is combined with steam and mechanical parts to give it a bit more power.

Normals scultping Maps

The modeled asset in high and low poly are shown here. The object is originally sculpted in high poly and then the modeler goes back over the sculpt reducing the polygon count. This must be done to improve performance in game.


Once the modeler has cut the poly count he sends the final sculpt over to the texture artist.

Gloss_Spec Gloss_spec2

In the above images the texture artist has started applied the early textures and specular mapping.


In this finalized image the texturing is complete and all of the materials of the axe now look realistic and react to the lighting in game.

As always let us know if you have any great weapon ideas or any thoughts about this weapon!

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