What is Utherous?



Utherous is an open world sandbox MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) with a dynamic living world, empire building, an original player directed NPC system, unlimited character progression, an advanced crafting system, and unparalleled land size. Utherous is inspired by old school MMOs and will bridge the gap between your favorite memories and the technology of today.


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The World Factions Cities & Races Skills
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Crafting Building Travel Combat


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Explore a Living World

The world of Utherous is constantly evolving with and without player intervention. NPC factions will interact with each other, grow stronger, take over more land and live their lives without any intervention from players. You may stumble into the middle of a war or find a high level settlement that has taken control over an area. What you do then is up to you. Join the war! Sabotage the settlement? Start your own war and take over the land? The choices are unlimited.

Command your Forces

Utherous has a unique Forces system that allows players to issue orders to NPCs under their command. Hire workers and send them out to gather resources or farm your land. Build a barracks and hire guards to defend your town. This system allows you to be the one in control!



Build YOUR hero

Utherous allows players to develop their character any way they want. There are no forced classes or build outs.  You can become the ultimate sword fighter, able to take down many foes, or you can become a tailor of unparalleled skill who spends their days crafting and selling much needed resources to other players.  You can even become a ship designer or city planner.  The advanced skill systems in Utherous lets you be you.